Our highly advanced reflected light microscopes are equipped with bright field, dark field illumination, transmitted light and other advanced features.

Picture Analysis

All microscopes are using a high end picture documentation system and picture analysis software to determine:

  • Graphite content
  • Grain size
  • Layer thickness
  • Porosity percentage
  • Phase amounts, distribution, orientation
  • And lots more

Material purity

Our specialists in metallurgy are capable of non metallic inclusion counting according to several international standards. We classify and quantify inter-metallic phases (e.g. TiCN) and fatigue signs (e.g. butterflies, cracks).

Overview pictures

To get "the big picture" we are able to create an overview wallpaper. Such a wallpaper consist of up to 999 digitally mounted (mosaic) pictures.


Microscope with a digital camara mounted
EDX   State of the art quality optics